TOKYO 2020 proposes Karate WKF for 2020 Olympic Games

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WKU’s Ivor Thomas spotted this news from Davide Benetello. Benetello is a Member of WKF Executive Committee, Chairman WKF Athletes Commission, World and European Karate Champion WKF, and adds this to his Facebook page 11am Monday 28 September:

TOKYO 2020 proposes KARATE WKF for the 2020 Olympic Games !!!

Athletes, Coaches, referees, managers and supporters of WKF WORLD KARATE FEDERATION … Stand up, take and wear your karategi, knotted the belt of any color is it, beat your right hand on your heart and make the strongest Kiai you have ever done !!!
OUR moment has arrived !!!
The Organizing Committee of Tokyo in 2020 proposed the inclusion of karate WKF in the Olympics of 2020.
An Historical day that crowns years of sacrifice!
As chairman of the WKF Athletes Commission I’m extremely pleased with the work done by all the WKF from the smaller practitioner and supporter to get to the WKF President Antonio Espinos, the Secretary General WKF Toshihisa Nagura, President JKF Takashi Sasagawa, Francisco Alegrete WKF General Manager, Javier Tola WKF Communications Director, all the staff and we all WKF Executive Committee members WKF.

This is Karate I like !!!

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