REPORT: Jersey Wado Ryu, Dan Grading – July 2013

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WKU Chief Instructor, Alan Flook, reports on a successful weekend in Jersey:

I went to Jersey for the weekend of 27th July, Ryan and Steve invited me over to help conduct their first Dan Grading.

We met at 10:00 o’clock on the Saturday morning for a  two hour training session.  Paul James took the main class and I took the first Kyu’s and the two Dan Grade candidates.  Francesca Loguellou was taking Shodan and Ben Hall taking Sandan.  After a hard grading both were successful and awarded their new grades, congratulations to them both.  It was really good to see Dave Louis who still gives his support to Jersey Wado Ryu.

We had another two hours of training on Sunday morning which nicely finished a great weekend.

Many thanks to Ryan and Steve for organising the weekend.

Alan Flook

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