RESULTS: WKU Winter Invitational Competition 2018

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The 2018 WKU Winter Invitational Competition was held in Weston-super-Mare on Sunday 25 November.

Thank you to everyone for all the help we received – from setting up on the Saturday evening to all the efforts and support through the actual day. Thanks to Sarah for the organising the event, Ivor for organising the officials. Les and the team getting the  categories moving and running on time. Paul Green and his assistant for capturing moments on camera… plus many more …club members, friends and families – thank you for your support, it is much appreciated.

Also a big thanks to the competitors for making it a really good day.

Download a full list of medal winners here.

The list below are all the  WKU Squad members who achieved medal-winning success:

J01/J02 Mixed Kata 5-7

BRONZE Florance Parsons Yeovil


J03 Miced Kata Ag 8-9 up to 6th Kyu

GOLD Cassidy Backhouse Clevedon

BRONZE Riley Stevenson Clevedon

J09/J10 Mixed Kata Age 13-15 up to 5th Kyu

SILVER Callum Backhosue Clevedon

BRONZE Alex Bernie Yeovil


J11M Male Kata Age 13-15 BRONZE-GOLD Kyu

SILVER Callum Mounce Yeovil


J15 Mixed Shobu Jukuren Age 5-7 Up to 6th Kyu

GOLD Joe Steel Bristol

SILVER Florance Parsons Yeovil

BRONZE Isabelle Wright Bristol


J16 Mixed Shobu Jukuren Age 10-12 Up to 6th Kyu

BRONZE Ryleigh Lucas Yeovil

BRONZE Ruby Lucas Yeovil


J17 Girls Kumite Age 5-7 Openi

SILVER Florance Parsons Yeovil

BRONZE Isabelle Wright Bristol


J18 Boys Kumite Age 5-7 OpenF

BRONZE Henry Diamond Bristol


J19 Girls Kumite Age 8-9 up to 6th Kyu

BRONZE Ruby Lucas Yeovil


J21 Boys Kumite Age 8-9 Up tp 6th Kyu

SILVER Lukey Shearer-Burgess Bristol

BRONZE James Diamond Bristol


J24 Girls Kumite Age 10-12 Up to 5th Kyu 40Kg+

SILVER Izabelle Freyer Bristol

BRONZE Kendra Johnstone Bristol


J27 Boys Kumite Age 10-12 Up to 5th Kyu Under 40kg

BRONZE Ryleigh Lucas Yeovil

BRONZE Dexter Freyer Bristol


J28 Boys Kumite Age 10-12 4th Kyu + Under 40Kg

GOLD Aston Prideaux Bristol


J31/J32 Boys Kumite Age 10-12 over 50KG

BRONZE Rafi Shearer-Burgess Bristol


J37/J39 Boys Kumite Age 13-15 Under 55kg

GOLD Callum Mounce Yeovil


J41 Boys Team Kumite Age 8-9

BRONZE Bristol


J44 Girls Team Kumite Age 10-12

GOLD Bristol


J45 Boys Team Kumite 13-15

SILVER Bristol


S09 Female Team Kumite

GOLD Bristol


S10 Male Team Kumite

SILVER Bristol

S14/S16 Female Kumite Age 18+ 60Kg+

GOLD Sarah Abdugani Birtsol

SILVER Gemma Cross Bristoli

BRONZE Rachel Taylor Bristol


S17 Female Kumite Age 18+Open

GOLD Gemma Cross Bristol

SILVER Rachel Taylor Bristol

BRONZE Charlotte Durrant Bristol

BRONZE Lauren Bickley Bristol


S19/S21 Male Kumite Age 18+ 70Kg+

SILVER Ben Welch Bristol


S20 Male Kumite Age 18+ BRONZE Kyu+ Under 70kg

SILVER Kye Callaghan Bristol


S22 Male Kumite Age 18+ Open

SILVER Ben Welch Bristol


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