New Kumite and Kata Rules for 2012

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Here are the new Kumite and Kata Rules for WKU members to see. They have been approved by the WKF Executive Committee in Malaysia . There is also a summary available which helps give a better understanding of the scope and nature of the changes.  These new rules take effect from the 1st Jan 2012.

The WKF says it has allocated to it significant resources, and a multidisciplinary working group has spent to it much time, all the components adding their precious experience and expertise. The WKF say that the new Rules offer an immense potential for the future development of the Kumite competition.

Pleased click below to download your copy:


Download a pdf of Summary of Changes ENG version 7 0.pdf

There is a New Kumite Rules course being held on 26th February for referees, table officials, coaches, instructors and squad members. You can find out more and download the flyer in the referee zone.

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