REPORT: WKU Kata Squad Session, September 2014

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Sunday 14th September and Paul James assisted by Mark Christie were on
hand to take on a kata squad session.

Eleven students attended and after a good warm up session by Mark, Paul
then gave them some insight into some of the finer points of performing
a kata.

All the students then took it in turns to perform their own choice of
kata and were given feedback after they had finished it.

The next part of the training involved further use of the new katas Paul
had been teaching at the last training session, it was good to see how
much each student had remembered and certainly some good kata was
starting to emerge.

Paul promoted a number of the students to the kata “B” squad explaining
also that to move forward they would need to attend various competitions
to gain experience and confidence.

Those who gained their squad badge for kata today were, Isobel Holloway,
Luke Jefferies, Max Jefferies, Elizabeth Haines, Lewis Cocking, Sean
Deady, Bhavana Tallam.

Kevin Barrett

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